Visitors GuideRules


Don't Touch
Why shouldn't we touch the pieces? The oil and acid on our hands can damage the artwork. Even if a piece appears to be unaffected right after you touch it, over the course of time, mold and chemical reactions may harm the displays.


No Photos
Photography is prohibited in the general exhibits. Although it is allowed in the Rodin Wing, we ask that you turn off flash and refrain in cases where the camera would disturb other visitors due to shutter noise or other reasons.


No Pets
What if your dogs and cats start running around the hall? They would likely damage the displays.


No Smoking
Smoking is harmful to humans, let alone to art. Small particles of smoke can settle on the artwork, gradually damaging it over a long period of time.


No Eating or Drinking
What if you spill something on the works?


No Umbrellas
What if you poke them into the art?


No Pens
What if the ink spills onto the pieces of art?


No Running


Switch Off Mobile Phones