Fugaku Biennale 14th Exhibition

1999, Jan 2 (Sat) - Jan 31(Sun)

Fugaku Biennale 14th Exhibition

Fugaku Biennale is the third exhibition since itbegan to receive plain and solid exhibits from nationwide public. As we emphasized PR activity outside Shizuoka prefecture, there have been many inquiries about the exhibition.
This means a growing number of people are interested in the exhibition and their support serve as an incentive to cultural activities of Shizuoka prefecture. Looking back the history,the 1st exhibition had 217 pieces of oil and watercolor paintings. The second one exhibited 160 of Japanese paintings,sculptures and crafts. The third exhibited 130 pieces of calligraphy. The fourth exhibition had 326 pieces of oil and watercolor paintings and sculptures.Abolishing the age limit,the 5th had 334 exhibits on the 3 categories;Japanese paintings, crafts and calli-graphy.
From the 6th exhibition, the number of applicable exhibits has been limited to one per person and the place has been moved from Shimizucivic center to Shizuoka Prefectural Museum of Art which was just opened that year. There were290 of oil and watercolor paintings and sculptures. The 7th exhibition had 279 pieces ofJapanese paintings, crafts and calligraphy. The 8th exhibition displayed 296 pieces of oil and watercolor paintings and sculptures. The 9th exhibition had 273 pieces of Japanese paintings, crafts, and calligraphy. The 10th was held as the memorial exhibition. 577 pieces from the public applicants were sent. The award has been doubled for to 2 million yen for the 1st place.
From the 11th exhibition, the show hasbeen held bi-annually, and the name has been changed from Fugaku Cultural Award Exhibiton to Fugaku Biennale Exhibition. The number of applicantion was 561 pieces altogether on 6 categories. From 12th exhibiton, application of exhibits has been opened to nationwide publicand it's become an all-round art exhibiton (except calligraphy) of plain and solid art pieces. The total amount of award has also been raised significantly. The number of exhibits were 471 pieces. The 13th exhibition received 574 exhibits from all over Japan(448 of plain pieces, 126 of solidpieces, of them 129 were from outside Shizuoka prefecture). The exhibition has become more popular among people throughtout Japan.
This time, 690 exhibits have gathered, the highest number ever,(494 of plain pices, 196 pieces of solid pieces, of them 196 are from outside the prefecture). 166 pieces were selected carefully by well-known judges, like Hideo Tomiyama. All the exhibits are big in sizeand high in qluality, sufficing the level of all Japan exhibiton.
The next exhibition is planned in Jan. 2001. The nationwide application will begin in Dec. 2000. Challenge by more artist and exhibits that would represent the beginning of the new century are much expected.

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