Rodin Wing


Walking through the Rodin Hall resembles a stroll through a park of sculptures. The rugby ball-shaped glass roof permits natural sunlight to enter the building, illuminating the area. The entrance on the second floor serves as an observation deck overlooking the entire room. The Rodin Hall features a total of thirty-two sculptures, including the famous piece The Gates of Hell, across its split levels.
Auguste Rodin (1840-1917)

Auguste Rodin was born into a working-class family. His father worked for the Paris Police Department. He tried to become a monk but gave up after one year. Later, he studied under the famous sculptor Albert-Ernest Carrier-Belleuse. While on a trip to Italy, Rodin studied the works of Donatello and Michelangelo, which deeply influenced his own artistic style. By the turn of the century, he had become a founder of modern sculpture with his powerful energy and boldness.

List of Works in the Rodin Wing
The 19th Century French Sculpture Before Rodin(At Rodin Wing)
Development of the human-body sculptures(After Rodin)
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