Retrospective Exhibition of Georges Rouault

1999, Feb.20 (Sat) -- Mar.28 (Sun)

Retrospective Exhibition of Georges Rouault
-Color of Silence, Brilliant Darkness-

Georges Rouault (1871-1958) was born in Bervil district of Paris downton during the period of Paris-Commune. Rouault started out his career with a stained glass artisan as he studied at a night class of the decoration art school. He entered Ecole/ des Beaux-Arts (National Art School) in 1890 and studied at an atelier of the master of Symbolism,Gustar Moreau (1826-1898) whohad become Rouault's life-time teacher.
In his earlier works, Rouault painted lonly clown, mean mistress and haughty judge as he threw his eyes upon human ugliness earnestly. However, his style began to soften in 1840s. He began to paint pieces that were filled with silence, like image of Jesus Christ and sorrowful landscape. Rouault's original Matie/re which makes one remind of Email (Cloisonne/),shed brilliant darkness. It has attracted many Japanese people,like Shirakaba school, since pre-war period.
This exhibition displays 80 of his represen-tative works,from the piece Rouault exhibited for Rome Award in his early days to the ones in 1950s, mostly oil paintings. It will be a great opportunity to enjoy the development of his style in art history of the 20th century.

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