Exhibition of East Asian Modern Painting

1999, April 10 (Sat) - May 23 (Sun)

Exhibition of East Asian Modern Painting
[Birth Of Oil Painting And Its Develoment]

Beginning in 1840, the Opium war,in which the Ching dynasty was overcome by Westen military power,brought dynamic change in politics and economy of China and East Asian nations.The way of accepting the western culture had also changed since then. The western culture started to spread more freely without control of the Establishment. Likewise,the field of painting in East Asia hadstarted to accept new western style.
The painting style developed from Realism to theImpressionism and finally to Modernism.
Although the big picture of its style seemed to be the same, the difference between the style ineach region was distinct.
In this exhibition, we focus on the commonness and difference in pieces in each region and how the western culture had influenced the East Asian painting,mostly oil painting from after the Opium War to 1930,and some pieces to 1950.
Please enjoy our first exhibition of 150 oil paintings from East Asia of this period.

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